Wyatt Colen Wins the 2 first Stops of the 2013 GEAA

The Green Eggs & Am (GEAA) mini-tour is an amateur only contest. Skim Legend Paulo Prietto and Steve Taylor introduced the concept seven years ago. The winner of the contest has to dominate in three events, at three different locations, all offering up different types of conditions. This year’s events are: 3/17 Balboa Pier, 4/7 Aliso, 4/28 West Street. Thanks to the Conklin family, a $300 prize toward skim or school is awarded to the champion of the Grinches a.k.a. the Advanced Division. Green Eggs & Am is an awesome opportunity for amateur shredders to gain the exposure they deserve. The competitors are mainly locals from Orange County, but some riders travel from out of town to showcase their skills, hoping to take home the title.

Nineteen year old Victoria Skimboards Team rider Wyatt Colen cruised down from Santa Cruz and has absolutely been crushing the competition. He has skimmed his way to first place at the first two stops of the mini-tour.


Wyatt Balboa Podium

Wyatt Colen (right) winning the GEAA Stop #1 (Balboa)


He only has one more stop to go before succeeding in being the King Grinch! In-between contests Victoria got the opportunity to grab a few words with him…


V: How many years have you been competing?
W: 6 years. I started out on a woody & picked up wave riding in junior high.


V: How were the contest conditions: Balboa? Aliso?
W: This contest was my first time skimming Balboa (we too were shocked to hear this). Conditions were pretty beat but I loved Newport. The beach didn’t really have any slope making the waves a bit small & far out. The tide came in for my final which was pretty nice and the conditions glassed off a bit and we got some fun, small backside liners. The conditions were definitely better at Aliso. There was more of a variety of waves and the sider was somewhat working. The waves were fast paced with a quick turnaround.


Wyatt during a heat at Balboa

V: What was the trick/wave that got you the win at both contests?
W: At Balboa I went for a wave that was really far out. I went super early, hit the wave backside, & turned around fakey. I was hanging on by my toes! I had a nice backside line with a clean little cover up. At Aliso I think it was a sick backside wrap combo with a cover-up.


V: Balboa was your first win. How did that go?
W: Pretty awesome. I was definitely nervous all day. I was really stoked to make the final. It felt so good when I made that wave. I was so stoked.


V: Who is your biggest competition for winning the trifecta?
W: Grant Noble & Travis Williams. They’re both so good. I think Travis is in second right now.


V: You’re from Santa Cruz & are now looking to live down here in Laguna. What are your initial thoughts of the skim scene in Laguna?
W: It’s a lot more competitive here. There is so much talent at such a young age. The waves are so much faster & riders do more advanced tricks on a regular basis.


V: What are your future plans for your skim career?
W: I’m not too sure. My dream is to go pro. If I go pro it would be totally rad. I just want to have fun.


V: We’ve seen you shredding at the Saturday Sessions with Victoria. What do you think of them?
W: Awesome. Totally awesome. I’ve never met another skim team that does this. Tex brings hot coffee and doughnuts for everyone. He offers tips to anyone on the beach, not just the team. Its so rad.

Wyatt last Saturday Session (day before the Aliso contest)


Wyatt Saturday Session

Victoria Team: Johnny Salta, Wyatt Colen, Max Bourne, Johnny Atoe and Morgan Just during a Saturday Session in February


V: Do you have any weird hobbies that no one knows about?
W: I’m a secret golfer. My roommates go to the Golf Academy of America so they made me a golf bug once again!


V: Shout outs?
W: My parents for being there always & helping me with everything. Definitely Jesse Beer for always taking pics!


For more information on the Green Eggs and Am contests and full results, visit the official facebook page: Green Eggs and Am

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Write up and interview by Steff Mags