C.W. Allwine photography

Christopher Allwine is a young talented fine art photographer who contacted us with the craziest idea in mind. We loved the project and the idea and have been collaborating with Chris for few months now. From the first tests, to the first actual pictures, it has been a challenging one. Riding in the dark with a glowing skimboard isn’t easy, and long exposure photographt with another person dedicated to flash the scene at the best moment is an interesting challenge to say the least. It takes practice and dedication, but we are now pretty confident that we are getting closer to the final goal!

Christopher will make big prints and expose his best shots at the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts this Summer. You can find all the information on his fine art photography on his website:


Stay tuned for more night session pictures with the glowing skimboard very soon!

Derek-night-skim-001 Muchu-night-skim-001Jared-Allwine-vic-project