Cesar “Tule” Cortez


Height: 1.65 meters
Weight: 55 kilos
Dropped in (birthdate): December 6, 1986
Home Town: Melaque, Mexico
Current Residence: Melaque, Mexico
Stance(regular or goofy): Regular
Board Set Up: Poly carbon, small, low tapered, pin tail, light weight finish, 2 inch rocker
Years Riding: 12
Refreshment of Choice: Chocolate Tequilla
Shred Spot: Boca Del Muerto
TV Show: SmackDown
Type of Music: Hip Hop
Where you would like to get away: California
Tricks: 360 air frontside landing on the wave
Websites: www.x3m.com.mxwww.victoriaskimboards.com
Sports Team: Chivas soccer team from Guadalajara
Food: Chilles Rellenos de Queso stuffed with cheese
Season: Summer