Jose Luna


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Name: Jose de Jesus Luna Gallardo ‘Chuy’
Height: 1.80 meters
Weight: 75 kilos
date of birth: 19 sept 1994
Home Town: Melaque
Current Residence: Melaque
Stance: Reggie
Board Set Up: MS size – Carbon – polyester resin – hybrid rails
Years Riding: 8 years
Refreshment of Choice: Coconut water – Lemon water
Favorite Shred Spot: Melaque’s waves … my home spot, favourite place
Favorite TV Show: Guerra de Chistes (War of jokes)
Favorite Sounds (genre of music): Mexican Banda – Cumbias
Favorite Get Away: bike rides around Melaque – or down to the beach
Favorite Tricks: Tubes and 360 air
Favorite Websites:
Favorite Sports Team: Chivas soccer team from Guadalajara
Favorite Food: Enchiladas and Tacos al vapor (steamed tacos)
Favorite Season: Winter