Max Bourne Pro Model


Growing up in the shorebreak of Laguna Beach, Max Bourne has quickly become one of the hardest charging riders on the planet. Between pulling into bombs skurfing or sending it under the lip onto the sand, Max demands a board that is tailored for gnarly conditions. Featuring a blunt nose, wider outline, and a pin tail, this board is designed to hold up in large conditions while still retaining plenty of surface area to give you extra speed and float on liners and dead sections. Ride what Max rides and you will for sure find the perma grom inside you.

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Size Chart
Size Suggested Weight Dimensions
S 100 – 160 lbs 52" x 20"
M 130 – 180 lbs 53" x 20.5"
L 150 – 210 lbs 55" x 21.5"
Technical Specifications
Core Material: PVC HIGH density
Core Thickness: 3/4" tapered
Fiberglass: Carbon
Resin: Epoxy
Rails: Hybrid
Shape: Extra Blunt Nose / Pin Tail
Rocker: 2.25" Nose / 1/16" Tail
Finish: Matte finish