Max Bourne

little kid

Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 120 pounds
Dropped in: March 28, 1996
Home Town: Glendora
Current Residence: Aliso Viejo (Laguna Canyon)
Stance: Regular
Board Set Up: Poly Carbon Epoxy XS, yellow on top, blue on the bottom, and hybrid rails
Years Riding: 6
Favorite Refreshment of Choice: Cactus Cooler or Welches Grape soda
Favorite Shred Spot: 10th st
Favorite TV Show: Fuel tv with a little Family Guy thrown in
Favorite Sounds: Loud, crazy, wet, intense explosions of wonder
Favorite Tricks: Superman and McTwists
Favorite Websites: Surfline
Favorite Sports Team: 10th Street Brothers
Favorite Food: In-N-Out
Favorite Season: Summer