Saturday Session 12-3-16 at Thalia

One of the last few sessions of Fall, there was some few nice ones that rolled through. Good vibes, we brought hot coffee and Donuts for everyone! And we’ll do the same this Saturday :) Photos by Tex

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Santa Cruz Skimbash 2016

Once again the trip to Santa Cruz was a blast, Victoria rented the dream house for riders and whoever wanted to hang out right on the contest spot! Nice dinners, hot spa, Great times! Here are Lynn and Tex write-ups of the weekend followed by some pictures taken by Tex.    

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Saturday Session 9-10-16 at Aliso

Very good conditions for a very fun Saturday Session! We bring hot coffee and donuts for everyone! Pros, ams, beginners we all skim together every Saturday and have a great time!   Photos by Tex

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Saturday Session 9-3-16 at Thalia St

Thalia St was fun, a little bit windy but good sand and some fun ones came through for everyone! Come join the fun at our Saturday Sessions :) Enjoy hot coffee and Donuts while skimboarding and having fun! All levels welcome!  

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Saturday Session 7-9-16 at Aliso

BEAUTIFUL morning for this Saturday Session, thanks everyone for coming and making it fun! We bring hot coffee and Donuts for everyone who wants to join the fun, usually around 10am on Saturday, we post the time and location sometime Friday Afternoon on our Facebook page and Instagram account!    

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Saturday Session 7-2-16 at Aliso

Very good conditions for this Saturday Session at Aliso: Good slope, good tide and good swell! Summer time is here! Here are the pictures nicely submitted by Laguna Socal.       Pictures by Dwight Mudry  

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