Time tested under the feet of legends, and ushering in the new guard of riders such as Teddy Vlasis, Johnny Salta, and Max Bourne, the Poly has been ridden in the heaviest conditions and has lead our athletes to the top of countless contest podiums around the globe. Featuring a high density foam core, industry standard E-Glass, and premium Vinylester resin, the Poly rises above the rest as one of the fastest, most responsive boards on the market. Being completely customizable, the Poly can be tailored to fit the conditions you ride in every day. If you have any question, or need any help while customizing and ordering your poly, don’t hesitate to call us and we will assist you the best we can, to make the perfect UNIQUE board for YOU!

Customize your poly


Size Chart
Size Suggested Weight Dimensions
XS 70-100 lbs 50.3ˮ x 19.4ˮ
S 90-120 lbs 51.3ˮ x 19.8ˮ
MS 110-140 lbs 52ˮ x 20.1ˮ
M 120-150 lbs 52.5ˮ x 20.3ˮ
ML 140-180 lbs 53.8ˮ x 20.8ˮ
L 150-200 lbs 55ˮ x 21.3ˮ
XL 180-220 lbs 56.5ˮ x 21.8ˮ
XXL 200-230 lbs 57.1ˮ x 22.1ˮ
Technical Specifications
Core Material: PVC high density
Core Thickness: 3/4" tapered
Fiberglass: E-glass
Resin: Polyester
Rails: Hybrid
Shape: Lift Shape
Rocker: Mid
Finish: Gloss or light weight finish