Silvia Garavito


Height: 5’8
Weight: 145
Date of birth:  10-23-89
Home Town:  Bucaramanga, Colombia
Current Residence:  Fort Lauderdale, FL
Stance:  Regular
Board Set Up:  Medium 3/4th’s Custom Carbon Shred Sled with Boxy Rails
Years Riding:  10
Refreshment of Choice: H2o all day every day
Favorite Shred Spot: Balboa & Thalia when in Cali. “Port” when in SoFLa.
Favorite TV Show:  Modern Family, Revenge, Breaking Bad
Favorite Sounds:  whatever tickles my ear :)
Favorite Tricks: bs 360 air; wrap to barrel
Favorite Websites:,,
Favorite Sports Team: Miami Heat
Favorite Food: Sushi and FroYo. Not together but in that order, occasionally :)
Favorite Season: Winter in Florida