2017 Skim Camps


This week long skim adventure is taught by our local Professional and Amateur riders. Victoria Skimboards Skim Camp is designed for the beginner to intermediate skimboarder, age 6 and up. We will guide you through the basics of water safety, choosing waves, how to approach a wave, and how to turn under the lip. Best of all we will be able to skim several different beaches in Laguna, and you will learn where and when the tides are best for you. Tex Haines, the owner of Victoria Skimboards, will be attending part of each camp, and he will give a tide pool lecture in addition to helping teach the class. All camps will meet at Brooks Street Beach at the top of the stairs, which has excellent conditions for beginning riders. Drop in’s welcome if your just want to try it out ($75.00). Loaner boards are available. Maximum 5 campers per instructor, means you get lots of attention.



Sign Up, Rates, Time, Dates

Weekly Session: $300.00

Private Lessons: Please contact Victoria Skimboards for more information

Time: 9am – 12pm / Monday – Friday

Ages: Six (6) and up (For kids under 6, please contact us to set up a private lesson)

Days Time Dates Skips Age Price
M-F 9a-12:00p 6/26-6/30 6+ $300
M-F 9a-12:00p 7/3-7/7 7/4 6+ $240
M-F 9a-12:00p 7/10-7/14 6+ $300
M-F 9a-12:00p 7/17-7/21 6+ $300
M-F 9a-12:00p 7/24-7/28 6+ $300
M-F 9a-12:00p 7/31-8/4 6+ $300
M-F 9a-12:00p 8/7-8/11 6+ $300


Sign ups are through the Laguna Beach City Website

If you have any issues, trouble or question, please feel free to contact us anytime.


Location: Brooks Street, at the top of the Stairs

Meet at the top of the stairs at Brooks Street, Laguna Beach, CA.  The campers are dropped off and picked up at this location, and escorted to and from the beach by instructors.



Name Bio
Tex Haines  Victoria Skimboards founder and owner since 1976. He is the best person to learn from. His experience of the waves and the ocean in general is unique in the Skimboarding World. Along with younger Professional and Amateur riders the Victoria Skim Camps are the best way to learn Skimboarding or to improve your skills.
Jared_Green  Jared Green  Born and raised in South Laguna Beach Jared knows all the ropes of Skimboarding. On top of his performances in contests he has been involved in the Victoria Skim Camps the past few years with great success. We are very happy to count him in our Skim Camps instructor Team. Jared is also available for private lessons outside of the Camps; so contact us if you are interested in  some lessons.
Connor  Connor Brashier The most promising talent of his young generation Connor has been Skimboarding since he can walk. His technique and wave knowledge are impressive. Patient and very professional Connor will bring great energy to the Camps.
Max_Bourne_Camps Max Bourne  Max was added to the team about three years ago because he can ride and because he has personality.  Many have come to the Victoria Retail Store on any Saturday to be entertained by his wit.  Max is able to provide entertainment along with being able to impart what it means to be an professional rider for Victoria Skimboards and be part of Skimboarding in general.
Teddy_Vlasis_Camps Teddy Vlasis  Born in South Laguna in 1993; Teddy has spent his life living in Laguna Beach and skimming the variety of beaches this wonderful town has to offer.  A veteran instructor and professional skimboarder; Teddy brings knowledge of the local skim climate energy and style to his students.  With a passion for life and a love of skimboarding; Teddy gets people excited to skim and enjoying the ride all the way.


What is Camp like?

Every session is different and depends on the number of campers and the age range, but overall the instructional foundation is the same.  We discuss the day’s activities, warm up as a large group, and break into smaller groups (if needed) for more personalized instruction.  From there we will have some breaks and possibly play some games and then back to the boards for more skimboarding.  If there is time, there will be some “free skim” along with possible demonstrations by some of the professional riders.


What to bring?

Please bring the following items to the beach with you:

  • Positive attitude
  • Skimboard
  • Sunscreen
  • Board shorts or bathing suit. Wetsuit if necessary
  • Towel
  • snack, water and dry clothing.

If for some reason you do not have a skimboard, please let us know beforehand and we will make arrangements for you.

All camp participants will receive a free t-shirt.


  • What if I do not have a skimboard?

If you do not have a board we request that you let us know in advance so we can make sure to either help you find the right board for camp, or provide a board for you to use during camp.  We have a variety of boards in different weights and sizes to fit every new skimboarder and when you are ready to step up to your own board, Victoria can help you get the right board under your feet.

  • What should I bring to the camp?

Please bring the desire to have fun with you to camp as the bottom line is we are all here to enjoy the sport of skimboarding.  Other materials that you should have with you are: a skimboard (if you have one), sunscreen, board shorts or bathing suit, wetsuit (if you have one but not required), towel, release form, hat (optional), snack (optional), dry clothing (optional), and something to drink.

  • What happens if it rains?

There are no refunds for weather delays or cancellations. If it rains on a camp day, you will be notified by 8 a.m. whether camp is cancelled. If weather forces a cancellation, we will try again the next day. If you cannot attend, we’ll extend your camp time to whenever it’s most convenient for you. If it rains when you are scheduled for a private lesson, we will call you for a new day/time.

  • Is the camp insured?

The Victoria Skimboards Skim Camp is fully insured.  All campers and anyone taking a private lesson are required to sign a waiver and there will be no exceptions.  Without a signed waiver, you cannot participate in the camp or lesson.

  • Should I tip the instructors?

Tipping the instructors is not required but if you feel like an instructor went out of his or her way to assist you during your time at camp and you want to recognize his/her work, a tip is greatly appreciated.