Teddy Vlasis Pro Model


Teddy has re-vitalized the big board theory of skimboarding with great success, coming in fourth in the United Skim Tour standings this year. He rides a size or two above the average board size to allow him to reach much larger waves further out. Weighing in at 160 lbs,  he rides an XL and a L. Standard Poly shape, medium density foam for lightness,  polyester resin and E glass.  Standard rails.  It requires  more work, ie shifting rear foot to as far back as it will fit for turns, but the reward is an increase in distance.


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Size Chart
Size Suggested Weight Dimensions
S 100 – 160 lbs 51.5" x 19.5"
M 130 – 180 lbs 52.7" x 20.0"
L 150 – 210 lbs 55.2" x 21.0"
XL 170 – 220 lbs 56.7" x 21.5"


Technical Specifications
Core Material: PVC MID density
Core Thickness: 3/4" tapered
Fiberglass: E-Glass
Resin: Polyester
Rails: Boxy
Shape: Wave riding shape / rounded pin tail
Rocker: Standard
Finish: Matte finish